Tuesday 13 April 2010

Son of Robot Dismantles

Hello everyone,

For those that follow us or find themselves reading this, we are to announce that Son of Robot are splitting up as of the 22nd April 2010. All shows and releases after this date have been cancelled indefinitely.

This decision was made after the realisation of the strain this band has had on our friendships, working
lives, varying differences in artistic direction and the overwhelmingly morbid lack of progress that has been made over the last three years. Of course, we have only but ourselves to blame and we know this too well!

we would like to take this opportunity to thank the following: Sam Roberts, Chris Warren, Hayley Williams, Hattie Snooks, Connor Kirwan, Steve Golder, Jamie Freeman, Kenny Hawkes, Win, Wendy Law, Emily Brewer, Phil Chrimes, Ben Tiffin, Vicky Elston, Aoife, Yssy and Steve, Ryan Holt, Mark Earl, Deano Harrington, BNW Promotions, Si, Trevor Madison, Sim & Kong Promotions, James Watts, all promoters that have given us a show, our families, all staff at BIMM who have guided through this
shitstorm called the 'music industry' all our friends and every single person that has supported us, been to a show and gone mental (and anyone we haven't mentioned that deserves one)

Our last ever show will be at Brighton's Pav Tav on April 22nd, if you would like to attend and want to get your nipples out one last time (and hear some new tracks to be played for the first and last time) check out the event linked. Hope to see you all there.

I'm sure that we will be back with our own individual projects in the not to distant future. The robot is dead, but its individual components will prevail.

Son.of.robot.... signing out

Olly Simmons
Matt Coello
Scott Coello
Luke Holmes
Chris Warren